Video Tutorials For EV Charging For OpConnect Members

One of the Frequently Asked Questions we get at OpConnect is how to add a payment card to your OpConnect account, as well as how to add a balance to your account.

We have created a few video tutorials for EV charging and how you can add a payment card to your OpConnect account, add a balance to your account, or even how to use your OpConnect card when at an OpConnect charging station. You can watch them at our YouTube channel. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/1suR86C.

If you are new to OpConnect, you can create an account via our website. Once you have created an account, you can login into your account, where you can access a lot of information from requesting an OpConnect card, to checking your EV charging history to reserving a charging spot on our network.

This tutorial is how to add a payment card to your account.

First, go to our website, www.opconnect.com.

Next, click on the sign in link in the upper right hand corner

Enter your login info

Click on the account profile tab

In the middle bottom box, you will see payment cards.

Click on Add Card.

We accept all major credit and bank debit cards except […]

Planning For EV Charging Stations in your Commercial Real Estate Project

If Portland – where OpConnect is headquartered – is any indication, the commercial real estate market is improving across the country.

Here in the Rose City, more than a few signature projects are under construction, from the Park Avenue West tower in downtown to the Nike world headquarters expansion in Washington County.

Last week, we attended the Portland Business Alliance’s Forum Breakfast, which focused on what’s happening in the Portland’s real estate market. All three panelists forecasted continued growth for the Portland Metro Area. And officials there reported that the local market had seen 8,000 new construction jobs in the last quarter.

As the commercial real estate (and overall economy) rebound from the Great Recession, it may be a good time to consider adding or planning for EV charging stations to your commercial real estate project.

Of course, as the manufacturer of the best EVSE charging station in the industry, we would make that suggestion. But we also have several valid reasons for making the recommendation – and they all come down to either saving you money or making you money.

First, electric vehicles are being adopted at phenomenal rate. Sales of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles soared by 84 percent from 2012 to […]

Cord Management added to OpConnect EV Charging Stations


This week at OpConnect, we are announcing that we’ve added the optional Cord Management System to our product line. 

Our Cord Management System (CMS) is designed as an integral part of the charging station, reducing the costs of installing a separate system and resulting in an ascetically pleasing charging station. 

The OpConnect CMS will return the charging cord to the charging station body after use, and provides clearly visible and easy-to-use “docking” ports for the industry-standard J1772 charge couplers in the front of the unit.

The OpConnect design uses a counterweight system (similar to the tried-and-true designs used for years on fossil fuel pumps) that minimizes the complexity and potential for maintenance issues.

The City of Portland is the first customer to install OpConnect Mark IIC units with the cord management.

OpConnect’s CMS option can also be retrofitted to currently installed OpConnect Mark II units.

You can download print quality pictures via Flickr at:

OpConnect with Cord Management (Full Length with Quarter Turn): http://bit.ly/1pe0Ns0

Close up of OpConnect with Cord Management: http://bit.ly/1lQFM7R

OpConnect with Cord Management (Top Half): http://bit.ly/1iFaAUc

EV Charging At Work


Each weekday morning, you will usually see a Nissan LEAF or Chevy Volt (and even sometimes a Tesla) plugged into the OpConnect EV charging station at our company headquarters in SW Portland.

While it has pretty cool to be able to provide a place for EV charging at work since January 2012 (who better, right?), we have decided to formally make the “Workplace Charging Challenge Pledge” with Drive Oregon and the Department of Energy.

Almost 650 charging sessions have been provided by the OpConnect charging station at our headquarters (which is also publically available and free of charge). That is more than 15,000 miles driven on electricity, and about 5.6 metric tons of greenhouse gases that have been avoided.

Those stats are pretty telling. We think one of the stories they tell is that you don’t have to be a Google installing a 100 EV charging stations to make a difference. Every station counts.

We encourage all businesses to join us in making the pledge. While I am always a bit nervous signing paperwork with the feds (I did so once before and ended up serving six years on a nuclear submarine), the pledge only commits your business to looking at the

Workplace charging […]

Hawaii Bill Proposes to Fine Parking Facilities That Don’t Have EV Charging

A proposed bill is making its way through the Hawaii legislature that would fine owners of parking lots with at least 100 spots that fail to provide at least one parking space exclusively for electric vehicles and equipped with a charging station.

Hawaii SB2651 passed a second reading before the Senate Committee on Energy and Environment earlier this month and is now before the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor.

The bill as its written would establish fines of $1,000 for the first violation, $5,000 for the second violation, $10,000 for the third violation, and $20,000 for the fourth violation. The bill is adopted into law would go into effect Jan. 1, 2015.

The bill has been amended to give parking lot owners 120 days after any violation to comply without being cited for another violation.

OpConnect Mark II is Ready For Any Polar Vortex

This pic came to us via our manufacturing manager, who took it earlier this year during the national safety tests for OpConnect’s new Mark II charging station. The stations go through all-sorts of testing extremes, including being totally frozen, to ensure they still keep working in all sorts of weather scenarios