This week at OpConnect, we are announcing that we’ve added the optional Cord Management System to our product line. 

Our Cord Management System (CMS) is designed as an integral part of the charging station, reducing the costs of installing a separate system and resulting in an ascetically pleasing charging station. 

The OpConnect CMS will return the charging cord to the charging station body after use, and provides clearly visible and easy-to-use “docking” ports for the industry-standard J1772 charge couplers in the front of the unit.

The OpConnect design uses a counterweight system (similar to the tried-and-true designs used for years on fossil fuel pumps) that minimizes the complexity and potential for maintenance issues.

The City of Portland is the first customer to install OpConnect Mark IIC units with the cord management.

OpConnect’s CMS option can also be retrofitted to currently installed OpConnect Mark II units.

You can download print quality pictures via Flickr at:

OpConnect with Cord Management (Full Length with Quarter Turn):

Close up of OpConnect with Cord Management:

OpConnect with Cord Management (Top Half):

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