If we are really serious about EV adoption, then we need to get serious about installing EV charging stations in the ground.

Researchers from Japan to New York have seen upticks in EV adoption when additional EVSE infrastructure was added in a community. Heck, even Carlos Ghosn is quoted saying infrastructure equals EV sales.

Over the past century, we’ve spent trillions of dollars to develop a sophisticated global infrastructure around petroleum. Gasoline service stations are now so common in the industrialized world that people often forget conventional cars have a limited range.

We are in the early stages of building the same type of infrastructure around EV charging. Whenever we see a concentrated initiative to boost EV infrastructure, we see EV sales grow.

One of the biggest challenges to simply adding more infrastructure is the cost for both the equipment and for the installation.

We’re often asked if we know of any rebates or other programs that will help offset these costs.

The short answer is yes there are such programs. The longer answer is that “yes” depends on where you live. It seems like there hundreds of opportunities across America with each state, city, electric utility, environmental agency offering one type of incentive or another.

The challenge for us, as well as for buyers looking to install charging stations, is keeping track of all the opportunities. One of the best resources is the National Conference of State Legislatures website, which has a chart updated annually of incentives for electric vehicles and infrastructure by state.

According to the NCSL, at least 37 states and the District of Columbia have current incentives – as of October 2014 – that range from providing HOV lane exemptions to utility rate reductions.

Another resource is the PlugIncentives blog, which also keeps up a list, last updated this past February 2015, of the numerous incentives for EVs and EV charging stations.

And finally, states and state agencies, such as the California Energy Commission, periodically offer grants for charging station infrastructure, smart grids, and other programs that will support EV adoption and help them achieve environmental goals.

If you know of another great resource for tracking EV and EVSE incentives, please share it with us or Tweet a link with the hashtag #DriveEV.

Also, please contact us at OpConnect to learn more about upcoming funding opportunities in your neck of the woods and how we can help you help us by getting more OpConnect charging stations installed in your community.