Achieve Your Maximum Impact at Point of Sale

Advertising on OpConnect’s electric vehicle charging stations is a unique opportunity to promote your brand by communicating through a channel that is making a positive environmental impact in the community. OpConnect’s electric vehicle charging stations have helped prevent hundreds of metric tons of greenhouse gases.

The visually engaging OpConnect displays – and their unique integration with electric vehicles and sustainability – allow your advertising messaging to “stand out.”

OpConnect’s digital screens deliver video, animation, and static images. They are positioned in high-traffic areas  such as shopping centers and office buildings to maximize the exposure of your messaging to viewers walking or driving past these high-definition screens. OpConnect stations are located in eight states, including California, Hawaii, Washington and Oregon.

OpConnect’s platform is a dynamic way to engage audiences in populated outdoor areas with cinematic quality images and near-real-time messaging. Advertisers can change their messaging weekly, daily, hourly or in near real time – it’s up to you.

Advertising with OpConnect includes additional advertising products, such as text alerts, coupons, station wraps, or EVSE station sponsorships.


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