Property owners, utilities, employers, multi-unit dwellings, cities or municipalities approach OpConnect to provide electric vehicle fueling services to their tenants, customers, visitors, employees and in general anyone that is parking in their facilities.  OpConnect resells EV charging stations manufactured by a number of manufacturers to provide a variety of charging solutions to fit the customer’s needs, from private access chargers for fleet operators or individual condo owners, to public use chargers that accept payment and provide display interfaces to show drivers pricing and other information.  We usually sell a turnkey solution that includes chargers, maintenance and operating services.  The station owner pays OpConnect a monthly fee to have their charging station connected to our software platform so that the platform can manage it.  The platform also provides data services to the charger owners to allow them to understand the use of their charger and set optimal pricing structures for pay-for-use chargers.  OpConnect retains a percentage of the revenue collected by pay-for-use chargers.

For companies that wish to own and operate their own charging station networks, offering EV drivers fueling services that are branded with their company name and logo, OpConnect offers a white-labeled instance of our fueling management platform under a licensing agreement.  This enables the company to quickly get their fueling business up and running with web portals and mobile apps branded as their solution, taking to a variety of different charging hardware manufactured by a growing number of manufacturers that make chargers compatible with our platform.