OpConnect is a technology company dedicated to the reduction in greenhouse gases through the electrification of transportation.  We are an engineering pioneer that designs and innovates solutions for our lives that enable electric vehicle fueling.

Our vision is to make fueling an EV a better experience than fueling an internal combustion vehicle.  We provide turnkey EV charging infrastructure solutions that give EV drivers the best experience possible throughout North America and we provide a private-labeled version of our EV fueling management software platform that enables EV fueling providers around the world with the tools to serve their drivers. We help electric utilities harness and maximize the benefits of EVs as distributed energy resources on electric grids.

We are in a time where technological changes are happening at breakneck pace. We are continually evolving our software platform and services offering into one that integrates seamlessly with energy management tools to better manage the delivery of energy to EVs. As electrification is moving into light-medium duty fleets and transit buses, we are evolving our EV fueling management software platform to serve the growing number of segments in transportation electrification.  Transportation Electrification represents challenges and opportunities to electric grids around the world and OpConnect’s vision is to make electric vehicles of all types, on land, sea and the air, a benefit to the grid.