EV Charging Management Platform

OpConnect has an open-standards, cloud-based software platform that manages, monetizes and leverages EV charging stations so that they can provide the maximum benefit on the electric grid and low costs to EV drivers.  Our platform is designed to manage a variety of chargers made by a number of hardware providers, giving electric utilities and other enterprise charging operators a single source for their charging station management needs.  Our vision is an EV charging ecosystem where utilities are in direct control of the energy delivery to the EVs, own the relationship with the ratepayer through utility branded web portals and mobile aps and do not have charging networks between then and their customers.

The platform includes maps with real-time status, a reservation system, revenue management, and a service ticketing system. The platform also provides application interfaces that allow utilities to integrate EV charging into their own web portals or mobile apps.



Features At-a-Glance:

  • Scalable.  OpConnect provides the ability to manage multiple 3rd party EV charging stations from a single cloud-based platform.
  • Easy: OpConnect provides easy-to-use billing models that supports multiple payment methods; as well as the ability to manage fleet vehicle operations.
  • Secure: OpConnect establishes secure two-way communications and data transfer between the EV charging stations and authorized users, such as the vehicle owner, electric utilities or property managers. The secure communications allows for the collection and delivery of information on EV charging activities and control of energy delivered to EVs.
  • Innovative: OpConnect is designed for the future when EVs will be used as power resources (vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-home).
  • Green: Ultimately, OpConnect helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions through encouraging mass adoption of electric vehicle technology.

This video helps explain the OpConnect EV charger management platform:20


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