Our Vision for Electric Vehicles

Imagine that you’re driving in your electric car.  You’re trying to make a meeting, but you’re not worried.  Your mobile app has reserved a charging station for you, and predicted how long you need to plug in to get the charge you need to complete your day.  As you approach your location, your EV drives itself to the charger that has been reserved for you, and asks you to accept the charges o plug in.  Your car parks itself over the wireless charging pad, you accept the charges, and pop over to the coffee shop across the street to grab a coffee before your meeting.  At the end of the month, all of their EV charging and energy sales show up on your regular electric bill.

This is the future of EV charging.  This is what OpConnect is building.  Our vision it to make the experience of driving an EV better than driving a gas vehicle. 

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 Charging Management Platform

OpConnect has an open-standards, cloud-based software platform that manages, monetizes and leverages EV charging stations so that they can provide the maximum benefit to the electric grid and lower costs to EV drivers.  Our platform manages a variety of chargers made by a number of hardware providers, giving electric utilities and other EV charging service providers a single source to manage their chargers.  Our vision is an EV charging ecosystem where utilities are in direct control of the energy delivery to the EVs, own the relationship with the ratepayer through utility branded web portals and mobile aps and do not have charging networks between then and their customers.

Drivers register now and and download the OpConnect smartphone app or request an OpConnect card to start enjoying the benefits of OpConnect.

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