90% of charging happens where we live because it’s usually the most convenient place to charge.

Option 1 – Chargers Shared by the Entire Multi-Unit Community

This option is best for apartments.  Here’s how OpConnect works with you to set up shared charging for your multi-unit property:

Option 2 – Tenants Own Their Own Charger in Their Own Parking Space

This option is best for condos. Parking spaces are often deeded or assigned to individual condo owners and there is usually little or no shared parking spaces to dedicate for EV charging only, so why not let the individual owners have their own charger in their own parking space.

OpConnect’s program is a planned and scalable system that protects the electrical system in your building. All of the chargers are energy managed to ensure that the load from the EV charging in your building does not exceed the available power and cause breaker trips and costly electrician visits.  If individual owners or tenants are allowed to install whatever charger they want you need to meter each charger, possible collect revenue from each person and risk problems with the building’s electrical system.

In the past month I’ve given two tours to tenants that said they loved the place, but they can’t live here because we don’t have chargers for their EV. It made me ask myself – It’s 2019 and I don’t have EV chargers. What am I doing? ’ – Property Management, The Beverly

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The Charger – Simple, Reliable and Connected

OpConnect uses our exclusive open charge point protocol (OCPP) connected ClipperCreek HCS series charger.  Its available in either a 40A, 50A or 60A power setting.

Charger Specifications

Input power 208/240 VAC, single phase (3 phase possible)
Amperage 40A, 50A or 60A
Required service panel breaker 40A, 50A or 60A double pole, non-GFCI type on dedicated circuit
Output charging power to the EV 7.68kW, 9.6kW or 11.52kW
Charging connector SAE J1772, 25′ cable
Ground fault detection Built-in, 5mA trip
Surge protection 6kV @ 3000A – IEC 61000-4-4
Operating temperature -30C to +55C
Operating humidity 90% RH, non-condencing
Enclosure NEMA 4 – outdoor use; water tight
User interface Status indicator LEDs, Smartphone app
Payment system OpConnect moble app
Warranty 2 years parts only standard; extended warranty available
Network Bluetooth interface to driver’s mobile device
Service plan Covers warranty labor, annual maintenance, on-site troubleshooting with specified response times
Optional Items  
Cord management system reel based system to keep cable off ground an eliminate need to wrap cable
Pedestal mounting system  

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