Network Solutions for Your EV Ecosystem

The OpConnect Network is a robust management software platform for electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging solutions. The OpConnect Network is powered in the cloud and provides intelligent, user-friendly features that include dynamic web-based dashboards, smartphone apps, and analytic reporting to track energy consumption and frequency of use among other data points.

The OpConnect Network allows you to sync up charging stations from different manufacturers and networks, as well as different electric utilities, or corporate fleet and retail locations. This allows EV drivers to have a ubiquitous experience as they travel from station to station, network to network.

The OpConnect Network manages communications, data collection, system control and response verification, transaction tracking and management, network analysis and reporting. The network operations center provides a single point communications and data analysis for network operators, utilities, and other authorized third parties, such as regulatory agencies.

The OpConnect Network’s architecture and tools offer smart networking solutions that are customized for Electric Vehicle Service Providers (EVSPs), EVSE OEMs, EVSE site owners, Electric Utilities, Enterprise Businesses, and Building Energy Management service (BEM) providers. This flexibility enables customers the ability to design and implement multiple customized usage, pricing and billing models with tailored levels of service.

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