30-Second Video of TriMet’s new Orange line

OpConnect stations will be installed along the route

Want a 30-second commute to work? Watch this time-lapse video of the first trip with passengers of the new TriMet new Orange Line, scheduled to come on line this fall, connecting downtown Portland with SE Portland, as well as Milwaukie in Clackamas County.

Coming next fall, starting Sept. 12, the new light rail line will follow a 7.3 mile route along the congested McLoughlin Blvd/Hwy 99E corridor, giving underserved residents some needed relief from snarled congestion. The Portland metro area is expected to gain an additional 1 million residents over the next two decades, so building out our inventory of alternative transportation options, including public transit, is needed and pretty awesome.

OpConnect will be installing its electric vehicle charging stations at the new Park & Ride locations as part of the project. Additionally, OpConnect will work with Tri-Met, Portland State University and the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC) center to explore ways to integrate and/or incentivize EV adoption to increase usage of public transportation.

Learn more about the new Orange line: http://catchtheorange.com/

Read more about last weekend’s First Trip event in The Oregonian’s coverage.

If you have 25 minutes, you can watch the original video version that was shot by Bob Richardson from Portland Transport.