Travel fueling stops are a key component to the move to electric transportation.

The Chargers


Standard DC Fast Charger

Overnight charging

Slim Line DC Fast Charger

Fueling stops

43″w, 32″d, 73″h 34″w, 19″d, 82″h
Pedestal mounting Pedestal mounting
480 VAV electrical service 480 VAC electrical service required
SAE Combo and Chademo connectors SAE Combo and Chademo connectors
50 kW maximum output charging 50 kW maximum output charging
15″ full-color display 15″ full color display
Integrated credit card reader Integrated credit card reader

The world of EV changing is changing, and OpConnect is evolving our product offerings to meet these changes.  In addition to our standard 50kW output power chargers, we offer high-powered chargers

Power Dispenser AC – DC Power Converter
34″w, 19″d, 82″h 41″w, 33″d, 80″h
  • 500A max power over SAC Combo and 250A max power over Chademo connector
  • 200 kW maximum output power – upgradable to 350 kW
  • Integrated credit card reader
  • 15″ full-color touchscreen display

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