OpConnect is an electric vehicle fueling solution provider headquartered in the United States.  We are supporting the reduction in greenhouse gases caused by transportation by providing turnkey electric vehicle solutions that consist of fueling infrastructure, a cloud-based software platform that provides payment processing, scheduling and maintenance ticketing for the fueling infrastructure, and support services for persons using the fueling infrastructure.

Our business is built around our cloud-based EV charging management software platform.  We have also partnered with a number of EV charging equipment manufacturers to enable us to offer a range of EV chargers for a variety of uses.  Our primary focus is on fleet, multi-family and workplace charging.  We combine charging stations with our software platform to offer turnkey EV fueling solutions throughout the Americas.  We also offer private labeled versions of our EV charging management software platform and mobile apps to EV fueling service providers and electric utilities so that they can quickly stand up their own EV charging networks and serve drivers in their part of the world.  Using the OpConnect EV fueling management platform throughout the world is made possible by our embrace of open standards to enable the platform to be used to manage charging stations made by a variety of manufacturers throughout the world. 

OpConnect has team members and advisors with a breadth of experience and that embrace innovation and encourages new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking.  We value the contributions that our diverse employees and advisors make to our products and our environment in an industry and time where innovation and advancement is happening at breakneck speed.


Dexter Turner
Founder | CEO

Dan Lulich
Founder | CTO

Dave Packard

Chief Revenue Officer

Amy Hillman
Chief Revenue Officer

Jarold Weiser
VP Engineering

Jessica Viles
Platform Software Manager

Alex Ho
Mobile Software 

Rhianna Turner
Customer Care