OpConnect is committed to the reduction in greenhouse gases through the electrification of transportation.  For employees that drive to work, their EV will spend the most time at their home, and where they work.  So offering EV fueling to employees at work is critical to increasing the adoption of EVs by consumers.

OpConnect can work with employers of all sizes to develop policies for workplace charging, install EV charging stations, and operate the EV chargers once installed.

OpConnect’s Workplace EV Fueling solutions support a variety of use cases:

  • tracking of usage by employees
  • Mixed usage pricing policies, such as free charging for employees on standard work days and hours, and pay-for-use by guests outside of standard work days and hours
  • Mixed usage by employees and company-owned fleet vehicles


  • Turnkey EV Solutions Provider
  • Level 2 charger options including fast charge AC
  • Utility grade reliability
  • Powered to meet your needs
  • Full assortment of mounting options
  • 3 year warranty (option for 5 years)


  • Most Secure EV Network
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Dashboard to track and manage energy consumption and environmental impact 
  • Proprietary Bluetooth technology for connectivity
  • Ability to manage payments and set pricing
  • Private label network options
  • Driver friendly with Apple and Android app available



  • 24/7 USA Technical Support
  • Assistance with Rebates and Grants
  • Free automated software updates
  • Maintenance by local technicians
  • Automated maintenance ticket system

For more information or to discuss installing at your workplace, contact us at sales@opconnect.com or (503) 998-1006.

Ready to purchase a Plug-N-Play charger for your workplace.  We sell online at https://www.opconnect.com/press/shop/.